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Oscommerce Development The most commonly used ecommerce solution is oscommerce which is a PHP based open source and can be altered according to the needs. Its various features include payment gateways, customized shopping cart for the users, uploading of n number of products for example- paypal, iPayment, etc. It also includes services like the history of the products that one ordered, customized shipping for the customers, to manage customer's account. It is convenient both for the users as well as for the owners as it easily accessible for those who are shopping online and to manage the products at administrative level. We have a team of experts who are well versed in developing oscommerce websites from the very initial point and can add various advanced features like the up gradation of the new version, migration of the data to upgrade the already existing sites.


GNU general public license has approved oscommerce and is openly available at free of cost. Its prominent features include apache web server, PHP scripting, and MySQL database server. For store owners they can get an access to this anywhere and they are also not required to pay the monthly subscription. Service provider, store owners and developers are a part of the oscommerce society.

WHY Tech2Globe?

  • We have a team of experts who put in a lot of efforts and hard work to give out best results.
  • We take information records of the companies which have already registered.
  • To gain attention of our customers we are always up with some new stuff and features.
  • We make our work user friendly so that it is easily accessible by all our customers.
  • We always try and keep our work simple and away from any unsolicited stuff which may create hindrances for the visitors.


  • Integration with the new theme can only be done if the following files are altered:
  • Includes/modules/produc_listing,php
  • Incluse/template_top.php
  • Includes/header.php
  • Includes/footer.php
  • Product_info.php
  • Stylesheet.css
  • Index.php



  • Our clients have an access to check the history and status of their order.
  • We maintain a proper record for different billing and shipping addresses.
  • We provide reviews about the products to provide a better experience to the customers.
  • We maintain a record of all the orders so as to get an easy access to the information.
  • Protected monetary transaction with SSL.
  • Account can be maintained by our regular customers
  • Different provisions are made for shopping for permanent and temporary customers.
  • Ease at accessing the site.



  • We accept various currencies
  • We maintain back up records
  • Excellent management
  • We provide support for n number of products and categories
  • Statistical analysis of the products for the customers
  • Admin area is completely protected
  • We can add, customize or delete customers, their reviews, products and categories



  • Subscription of a particular product is available the customers can receive mails and newsletters of the same
  • Description of the products is available in HTML form.
  • Better relationship can be built because of the wide range of products.
  • Availability of stock is regularly checked.
  • Special products are automatically displayed.


  • Shipping is restricted in some area due to zone basis
  • Depending on the price and the location of delivery free shipping is also available.
  • Different segments for the weight and price of the product and the location to which the product has to be delivered.


  • Tax will be implemented according to the state or the country
  • Tax will be charged according to different products
  • Shipping tax will be charged according to the shipping services


  • Online payment options are available like paypal, ipayment, trustcommerce etc.
  • Offline payment options are also available like cheque, money order etc.
  • Certain payment services are not available for some areas.

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